Monday, October 10, 2016

We are FALLing in love with all things Autumn in the Giraffe class! We just finished learning about how fall is different then summer. Check out some of activities!

We counted out five leaves on trees! The leaves were red, orange, 
yellow, and green. 

We put buttons on pipe cleaners to make autumn trees

 We did leaf rubbings to explore the lines
and shapes of the leaves. 

 We painted over leaves to create their silhouttes

We traced the letter F with stickers

We turned the letter F into a fish

 We used paper towel rolls to stamp leaves

We traced vertical lines of the leaves falling down

The class made letter G giraffes

 We traced letters with buttons

The students made necklaces with noodles and pipe cleaners. 

Work hard! Play hard!

The students practiced spelling their names using alphabet leaves

Playing kitchen together!